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about our company


Radson Development and its General Contracting Arm, Real Builders Inc., are a family-run, New York-based Development and General Contracting firm.

The Radson Development and Real Builders teams have managed the development and construction of thousands of residential units over the past three decades. Radson leverages vast experience in construction, engineering, and business to improve the quality of life for residents and instill pride in their neighborhoods. Radson’s passion for improving budding communities inspires our investment in development and leading-edge construction. Through innovative planning, premier technology and environmentally conscious design, Radson offers premium features and amenities affordably.

Unique expertise in engineering, construction & finance.

Since 2006, Jacob and Daniel Rad have constructed thousands of new affordable and middle-income residential units in burgeoning New York City neighborhoods in collaboration with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the New York City Housing Development Corporation. In addition to affordable housing, the Real Builders team has also constructed market rate luxury residential rentals and condominiums, as well as a 115-key Hilton Hotel in Long Island City and a charter school in Manhattan.

The critical expertise of the firm derives from the teams’ backgrounds in engineering, construction, urban planning, and finance. Having well-rounded experience on both the construction and development sides of the business has led the firm to create efficiencies in the development/construction process.

Committed to Excellence

Furthermore, by having experience in both the affordable and market rate construction industries, Radson and Real Builders can introduce cutting edge and leading construction technologies and methods to all realms of development. These efficiencies translate directly into cost and time savings, and higher quality products which enable the firm to create successful developments that improve neighborhoods and the lives of those within them.

Radson is committed to investing in communities through local hiring and prides itself on working with Real Builders to successfully meet HPD’s M/WBE project requirements. Radson and Real Builders have established a culture of diversity internally, by hiring substantially more women than industry standards. The staff of Real Builders’ includes 27% female employees, while the national average of women working in the construction industry is only 9%.

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